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What You Should Know About Denture Adhesive

You may start to worry about loss of dentures if this is your first time to wear dentures or are having them fitted. Your dentures should be firmly in place for a long time if they were correctly fitted by a competent dentist or dental professional. It should be expected, however, that dentures lose their stability over a certain period of time due to aging and wear and tear. Thankfully, if your dentures begin to feel less stable, there are denture adhesives that help attach dentures comfortably.

If you believe that you need adhesive for your dentures, you should learn how to use it correctly in order to maximize its effects. Here are some important tips in using denture adhesive:

Use only when necessary: Adhesive should be used to avoid loss of dentures, but if you find yourself relying on it all the time, you should visit your dentist so they can adjust or reshape your existing dentures. By correcting the problem with the dentures, you will avoid relying on denture adhesive just to achieve comfort or stability.

Type of adhesive: There are different types of denture adhesive but the common forms are powder and paste. Choosing the type of dental adhesive will really depend on your personal preference unless your dentist gave you specific instructions on what form of adhesive you should use. Some people prefer paste because of better retention than powder while some argue that paste adhesive can be messy. Others also say that it is hard to gauge the correct amount of paste to be used. The best way to find out which suits you is to try different types of denture adhesive such as Poligrip denture adhesives.

Do not use too much adhesive: Avoid using too much denture adhesive. In order to keep dentures securely in place, only a few dabs of denture adhesive should be applied at the upper and lower portions of the dentures. Using too much product can be counterproductive because air pockets from too much adhesive can ruin the fit of the dentures. If the product oozes out to either side of the dentures when attached, then there was too much paste adhesive applied.

Do not use out of date products: Avoid unplanned use of an expired product by checking the expiration date first. An expired product can pose a lot of health risks and can be very ineffective, too. Old denture adhesives should be discarded and replaced especially if it contains zinc.

If you are still unsure on what type of adhesive to use, or are allergic to some ingredients, it is best to consult with your dentist.

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