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Marijuana does not affect the long term performance of the human brain

It used marijuana often associated with a decrease in the quality of intelligence even logic. This is true, but it actually is not in the long term. Tests in the laboratory says that marijuana reduces the ability to remember the short term, but it will happen when someone ‘drunken marijuana.’

Someone who is drunk, they can remember things that happened before, but it will be a little difficult to learn new things.For more information you can visit Florida Medical Marijuana Doctors

But for the long term, there is absolutely no scientific evidence that proves marijuana can reduce brain function even lowered intelligence.

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Cannabis was harmless, smoke which is far more dangerous

If marijuana is considered dangerous, of course it is only a myth. Since the various dangers of marijuana propaganda appeared, various advantages of marijuana totally covered up. As one of the top medical journals in the UK called The Lancet that even dared to mention that “smoking marijuana, even in the long term, absolutely not harmful to health.”

Interestingly, when this legal smoke. Yet we know, globally, cigarettes have always had a big hand in the deaths around the world each year. Precisely smoke marijuana never cause casualties.

Marijuana does not make a man so lazy

Marijuana is often considered to make a person lazy, apathetic, and lacking motivation to live. But in a study of obstruction, this was proven untrue. High doses given to the volunteers tried marijuana regularly in a few weeks. Evidently it did not reduce the motivation or ability to work. Follow this links for more information Medical Marijuana Doctors in Florida

Of course with too many drunk, it can reduce labor time and productivity. But this is absolutely no connection with the content of marijuana. This is related to how someone abuse it. Just like playing games, browsing the Internet, or any other worldly things, doing too much is certainly not good.