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Top interior design tricks to try in your home

Our homes and interiors tend to grow and change over the years as our needs or tastes alter; therefore, it is no surprise that we sometimes reach the point when we need a transformation.

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 Simple ideas

A change does not have to cost a lot of money; in fact, it may not cost anything at all and can be a lot simpler than you might think ( Let’s have a look at some of the easiest ideas to implement.

Getting the best from you colour schemes

Lots of patterns and colours can look messy and chaotic. A useful rule of thumb is to use your main colour on 60 per cent of your room (walls, floor, furnishings); a second colour on 30 per cent; and an accent colour on the remaining 10 per cent. If this sounds complicated, a simple way of achieving this would be …

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Alternative Uses for Pallet Racking

Pallet racking is used in most warehouses to hold stock that varies in size and type. As such, the structures are designed to be robust and durable. But what happens to the storage solutions once they reach the end of their warehouse lives? Are there any alternative uses for the wood?

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Let Your Design and Creativity Skills Run Wild

DIYers are finding a range of new uses for old pallet racking, and this is evident when you look on sites like Pinterest. Some great upcycling ideas involve creating furniture or furnishings for the home: bed frames, headboards, cladding, floorboards, sofas, tables, shelves, and much more. One of the great advantages of used pallet racking is its rustic appearance, which is currently a very popular look when it comes to interior design. If shabby-chic decor isn’t your thing, however, you can always sand down and paint the wood to …

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Impressive Recipes For Wholesome Dinner Celebration

Straightforward smoked salmon recipes are common and allow this highly prized delicacy to be combined in numerous methods with herbs, spices and vegetables, and certainly, just about anything edible, to generate some of the most great dishes anyone may possibly imagine. Really feel cost-free to make your own variations or even create some totally new recipes of your own! They will have the details extremely neatly categorized so that customers will be capable to find the recipes they require speedily. The combined components boost the taste of Jamaican food recipes , ensuring you get the amazing taste. Christmas Cookie Recipes are the greatest methods of celebrating the Christmas vacation season, which are filled with Christmas Spirit, loving memories and tasty and scrumptious buttery taste.For more information you can visit

They also give the most current news about the meals globe and even give you tips on where to get …

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Tips on Straightening Your Hair Without Damaging It

Although curly voluminous hair is beautiful and coveted by many, the sophisticated look of sleek straight hair is always highly popular. The mid-nineties saw most women wearing their hair poker straight, and this style had fallen out of fashion in recent years, but straighteners are back with a vengeance this spring, and sleek hair has turned up all over the catwalks.

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Poker-Straight Problems

There are a few problems with keeping hair poker straight. The first is making sure it stays that way. With humid weather, rain and wind, it is hard to ensure you hair remains as sleek as when you styled it in the morning. The secret is in making sure to straighten it thoroughly with hot irons and then applying a serum or other product to lock moisture out of the follicles so humidity cannot turn your hair into frizz.

Another important aspect of keeping straight …

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Top tips for restaurant kitchen design

What is the most practical restaurant kitchen design? Here we look at ideas and practical tips for maximising and utilising your kitchen space.

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Builders, electricians and plumbers will all be essential, but first consult with an experienced kitchen designer and your chef. Tips and expectations from the team working in the kitchen will also be extremely useful.

Kitchen design considerations:

– Ergonomics: A design that does not impede your kitchen staff saves meal preparation time and reduces accident risk and food spills.
– Energy efficiency: The placement of appliances can reduce energy costs. Cookers in one place can reduce energy consumption via the range hoods.
– Size: This needs to be proportionate to the seating number at your restaurant. Different restaurant types need different equipment, but restaurant capacity is a good indication for size. The rule is every seat needs five feet square of space in the …

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