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B) Herbal medicine has been the most effective treatment available for 50 years. Studies offered through alternative medicine colleges in this area may include diverse curriculums in botanical or herbal medicine, supplements and vitamins, hydrotherapy, mind-body therapies, Ayurveda, Chinese medicine, homeopathy, chiropractic, acupuncture and other massage therapies.

Since his research on spices 10 years ago, Dr. Ananda Krishnan developed more than 20 health recipes based on spices, edible seeds and cereals to empower human health, as adjunct natural therapies for the prevention of illness and also as alternative and complimentary natural therapy for the management of illness.

More research is needed to determine the efficacy of nearly all of these practices, but that hasn’t stopped people from engaging in them: In 2008 (the most recent valid data we could find), more than 38 percent of American adults used some form of alternative medicine.

The knowledge, skills, and attitudes sections explore the content, relevant at this point in time, to understanding the foundations of the biomedical paradigm, the most commonly used CAM modalities, and the legal, ethical, regulatory, and political in?uences on the practice of integrative medicine.alternative medicinealternative medicinealternative medicine

The proposed competencies described in this article were developed by the authors and the other members of the Education Working Group of the Consortium of Academic Health Centers for Integrative Medicine and endorsed by that group’s steering committee in May 2003.