by sisil | 03:05

Ways To Keep Heathy

Health refers to a condition in which a person has a complete wellness regarding physical, mental, social and spiritual wellbeing. Generally health is considered to be a condition in which there is no of diseases in a human body such that a person can be able to live without any hardships that may result from the diseases. It is important for a person to try and maintain a positive state of health which will ensure that they can carry on with their day to day activities without the risk of being affected by unusual occurrences of preventable disease which will disrupt their normal, mental, social and physical capabilities. A person may face different challenges from the conditions in their environment but there are many activities that will enable them to adapt to this environmental conditions by ensuring that the person’s body can respond to all conditions and prevent any mental, physical, social and spiritual breakdown. Staying healthy requires that a person does exercises and activities that are specifically aimed at improving mental health, physical health, social health and spiritual health all separately but with the ultimate result leading to a better and healthy person. Mind strengthening activities that help to improve mental health involve those that are actively engaging and they may include having a great sex life that keeps a person’s mood at a high level and therefore making him or her physically fit. A person can also improve his or her spiritual health by engaging in spiritual nourishing activities such as meditation during which the person can focus on calming the mind and also engage in silent prayer that keeps them in touch with their spiritual wellbeing.

Staying in touch with close friends and creating time to socialize and make new friends is a good way of maintaining good social health because a person can be able to share their personal experiences, weaknesses, and strengths and therefore they can grow into better people with better social skills. Physical health can be improved in many ways but the most common involve eating healthy foods and doing regular. Eating habits that are considered to be healthy involve consuming foods that are balanced in that they provide all nutrients that are required by the body such as proteins, found in meat and fish, vitamins found in vegetables and fruits, and minerals such as zinc and calcium found in seeds and borne marrows. Physical exercises play an important role in keeping the body fit by burning unnecessary fats, therefore, keeping the heart in shape and preventing occurrence of diseases such as high blood pressure, stroke, and arthritis.