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What You Need to Know about Gourmet Meats Gourmet foods are a complete category of products from basic ingredients to fully prepared dishes in a restaurant that have some superior or atypical aspect. Some ingredients are regarded as gourmet in view of the fact that they are quite rare, expensive, or raised in a very special manner. Some restaurant meals are viewed as gourmet owing to the skill of the chef and the intricate presentation of the food. Consumers in grocery stores are coming across an expanding selection of gourmet foods ready to purchase off the shelves. These items are regarded as gourmet due to numerous reasons including the quality and freshness of the ingredients that were used. Here are a few examples of the most common gourmet meats. Ham Gourmet ham is a cut of pork originating from the leg of the pig which is initially cooked or cured and may then be smoked to increase its flavor. A gourmet cooked ham is generally smoked in hickory and maple woods in order to develop the rich flavor of the meat. Hams are accessible as bone-in, boneless or partially-boned and cuts of gourmet ham can be purchased as whole, halved, or in smaller portions. One type of gourmet ham is prosciutto, or to be quite accurate, prosciutto crudo. This dry-cured gourmet ham sourced from Italy is usually sliced paper thin and served uncooked. Frequently served as a component of an antipasto platter, wrapped around vegetables, or stuffed in meats, prosciutto is also ideal with fresh melon or as a pizza topping.
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Kobe Beef
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Some meat are viewed as gourmet because of the way the animal is grown. An example of this is Kobe beef This kind of beef is sourced from a particular location in Japan where the cows are regularly massaged and fed a special diet that also involves beer. The meat is thought highly of by gourmets in Japan as well as in the US and the UK for its remarkable taste, tenderness and fine marbling. Kobe beef is a registered trademark in Japan and must attain specific requirements before it can be called as such. Jidori Chicken Jidori denotes chicken of the earth. When Asian-fusion culinary pioneers were seeking chicken as fresh and great tasting as the fine sushi they were making, Jidori chicken was created for them. Jidori chickens are free-range and humanely raised on green small farms. They are fed an absolutely vegetarian diet involving natural grains with no meat by-products, and they are never given hormones, antibiotics or steroids. The advantages of its freshness can be evidenced by the creamy yet firm texture and natural chicken flavor.