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Private Health Insurance Ombudsman

Along with Maternity & Newborn coverage, Joy offers you a number of thoughtfully designed features & Services that give you several advantages at most critical of time. Since 1994, this site has been a guide for consumers seeking straightforward explanations about the workings of individual health insurance – also known as medical insurance – and help finding affordable coverage. But low-cost doesn’t mean we take short cuts: find out about our comprehensive, straightforward health insurance plans , backed up by first-class service and fast, friendly claims turnaround. If you own a small business, you may qualify for the expanded small business health care tax credit. When you opt for a health insurance plan, you should be sure that the plan has no disease specific or expenditure specific insurance

Within four months of receiving your residence permit (or registering at the city hall for EU/EEA nationals) you are subject to Dutch …

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