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A Guide to Drug Testing and its Importance

For a time, government has limited drug and alcohol testing in prisons and as a proof of providing roadside intoxication for the purpose of apprehending a driver. But in a dramatic policy shift, government ministers have started encouraging drug testing by employers, but are following a quiet revolution, largely unreported because firms have been scared of drug test by bad publicity.

Drug testing for employees have been help up in various courts of law even if it feels as an invasion of privacy for most individuals. What they feel is that their private lives are being violated on various levels.

There are those who say that drug testing is just a way to judge current or future employees on what their do in their personal affairs and which has nothing to do with their abilities to do their jobs. They feel that their company has no right to pry on their private lives outside work.

It is not only that the employee feels privately violated, they also feel a sense of deprivation.

In drug testing you are required to give a urine sample in the presence of another individual and which makes the process quite uncomfortable. Collecting urine samples in a cup is quite humiliating and sanitary although it is the only way they can collect plenty of samples in a short span of time.

But this bad publicity is projected as a defense against an ongoing war of drugs. And this drug testing in the workplace is the single most effective weapon against substance abuse.

A drug test kit for urine is the most prevalent type of drug test, except that drugs will remain undetected in the urine until after several hours. And this is the reason why test cups for drugs of abuse were invented to provide an integrated testing method that would reduce contact with the urine specimen and decrease testing with less mess and fewer components to handle.

There is limited hazard in urine specimen handling with possible exposure to HIV and other diseases. A good example is if a urine sample contained blood within the specimen and there was for example an accidental splash to the mouth, the content of the splash could pose a risk depending on the level of exposure.

A urine sample visibly contaminated with blood, and any body fluids for that matter, should be considered a hazard and capable of transmitting various diseases. But with integrated test cups, the concerns of exposure can be alleviated and eliminated.

Drug testing may not be very convenient to many people in the workplace but it is important since substance abuse can somehow affect the way we live and work and it is only for our own benefit to find out.

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