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Why We Need Meat Grinders If you don’t want to simply buy ground meat in the grocery store because you don’t know what is in it, then it is best for you to get a meat grinder. It can also be that you are a burger lover and would want to try different types of burgers. Whatever be the reason for considering a meat grinder, grinding your own meat will definitely pamper or spoil you. If you have tried grounding your own meat, then it is very likely that you will never look at pre ground meat in the grocery store again. It is to take out the unknown in our ground meat that we want to have our own grinder since buying pre ground meat will leave us with a lot of questions on how it was prepared, if there was anything mixed in it, or how long has the process been done, in other words, if it is still fresh.
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Grinding meat is like cutting up a vegetable, once it gets exposed to air, its quality begins to wane and it becomes more vulnerable to bacterial contamination like E-coli. You can never be too sure about the freshness of ground meat in the grocery because you cannot tell if it was freshly ground, daily ground, or ground weekly to conserve time. As ground meat sits in the meat counter, it begins to lose quality and flavor, and is more likely to become contaminated compared to freshly ground meat.
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If you such a one who wants to experiment in burgers, then grinding your own meat will allow you to control the amount of fat content to add to the beef or to whatever type of meat you want to use. Next to being convinced that grinding your own meat is the way to go, is to closely consider what type of meat grinder you should buy. You can choose two different types of grinders. You can get either a manual or an electric meat grinder. Manual grinders are of course cheaper than electric grinders. They are typically also smaller than those electric versions which are helpful when you do not have enough room to store them. This type makes use of your muscles to crank it while feeding the meat through the grinder. Electric grinds work faster and more efficiently than manual grinders. Since there is less hand-meat contact with electric meat grinders, then we can say that it is more hygienic than the manual one. Since electric grinders are very convenient because it is easier, faster, and more efficient to grind meat, they are also more expensive. Whatever be your choice, it comes down to your personal preference. If you only need to grind a few pieces of meat at a time, then it is ideal to get the manual grinder because it is much smaller.