by agatha | 09:16

Remember when you first got together with your sweetheart? You couldn’t keep your hands off of each other—but times have changed. Now there are more responsibilities involved and share between the two of you, like a home, kids, jobs, and everyday stressors. Which means your bedroom, your libido, and ultimately your relationship suffers.

Take some of these article tips to heart, as they strive to inspire you to bolster your libido and bring the heat of new spice to your romantic relationship.

Engage in All-Day Foreplay, i.e. Little Touches and Subtle Flirtation from Morning to Night

Flirtation is the heartbeat of a healthy relationship, especially when you’ve been with your honey for a few years or longer. Consider it all-day foreplay in anticipation of a closer, more intimate night. Gift those forehead kisses, whisper those sweet nothings, pull your sweetheart in close from behind and nuzzle their shoulders or neck—do flirty little things that add up throughout the entire day.

Stuck at work? Send sweet texts and save up your flirtatious touches for when you get home. See where those close cuddles lead you.

Bored with the Bedroom? Head Elsewhere for a Lover’s Romp

Intimacy isn’t restricted to the bedroom—or at least it shouldn’t be. Take your lovey moment elsewhere, like a comfortable couch or a blanket next to the fireplace, for a new shared experience that might have both of you in glowing fits of soft giggles before the night is through.

Good Health = Better Libido—Get in Shape and Healthy with Your Partner

It should come as no surprise that the better you feel to yourself and look to your partner, the spicier your love life will be. So, get in the habit of eating nutritious meals, exercising on a regular basis, and taking care of yourself. Which honestly is something you should have been doing long before now—but this is as good a reason to get started as any.

You could even ask your honey to join you on your health and fitness journey. It could be a great bonding experience between the two of you. Still having doubts? Check out research about low testosterone Baltimore to come up with better inspiration on how to jump-start your libido.