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The Benefits Of Sports Massage Therapy Sports massage therapy must be a part of the life of an athlete. This kind of therapy can physically, psychologically and physiologically benefit a person. Sports massage therapy has different kinds of techniques. The kind of technique that they will make use of depends on the needs of the person. This kind of therapy is a combination of shiatsu and traditional swedish massage. There are pre sports massage therapy and post sports massage therapy. They also make use of maintenance techniques in sports massage therapy. There are a lot of benefits that you can get with this kind of therapy. Here are the main benefits of sports massage therapy:
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A. Lowers the heart rate and blood pressure
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B. This therapy Improves blood circulation and lymphatic drainage C. This can relieves pain and reduces any tension in the muscles D. This type of therapy will help in improving the flexibility of the muscles. E. Improves the strength and stamina of a person so he or she can perform better. F. This therapy helps in eliminating any stress in the ligaments, muscles and joints. G. It will also minimize scar tissue build up in the body. H. Lessens anxiety and stress. I. This kind of therapy can relax all of the nerves and muscles in the body. J. Removes any toxins that are in the muscles. K. This can repair any broken muscle tissue. L. Provides comfort and relaxation The techniques of the sports massage therapy are just like the ones that they use in therapeutic massage but they are much more firmer and deeper. The deep tissue sports massage will make the scar tissues soft and remove any lesions. This therapy really focuses on manipulating muscle tissue. This will also trigger the natural healing system of the body. In the maintenance part of this kind of therapy, the therapist will help the person improve the flexibility of their muscles. The goal of the therapist is to make sure that the athlete will regain his level of performance. During the pre and post sports massage stage the therapist will try to eliminate stress by increasing the circulation. This stage in the therapy is not that long. During the post stage of the sport massage therapy is too make sure that the person will quickly recover. In this stage they will make sure that the person will be relaxed and have normalized muscle tissues. The therapist will focus on the muscles that are stressed. The rehabilitation massage are focused on the healing process faster so that discomfort can be eliminated. There are really a lot of benefits that athletes can get with sports massage therapy. It is important that the therapist that you choose is really experienced so it can be effective.