by agatha | 18:13

Ask some people, and they confidently define holistic medicine as use of natural remedies. According to the holistic medicine philosophy, one can achieve optimal health – the primary goal of holistic medicine practice – by gaining proper balance in life. After visiting a number of doctors, I finally found one at Duke Integrative Medicine who listened and addressed my needs.holistic medicineholistic medicine

Holistic healthcare practitioners view people as the unity of body, mind, spirit and the systems in which they live. Because holistic medicine aims to treat the whole person, holistic practitioners sometimes may advise treatment from more than one type of practitioner. Holistic medicine also teaches nutritional guidelines that enhances proper diet and longevity.

By joining modern medicine with proven practices from other healing traditions, integrative practitioners are better able to relieve suffering, reduce stress, maintain the well-being, and enhance the resilience of their patients. In a recent survey of Swedish GPs, the GPs put an emphasis on the consultation process as being an important tool for achieving an holistic view of patients and their problems. As the body of evidence for alternative medicine grows, we remain at the forefront providing the most updated education and practices to patients.holistic medicine

I will look at traditional treatments, complementary and alternative medicine options and the historical approach from past cultures to help answer how to best treat the physical, emotional, mental and spiritual components of an individual. Yes, they are different complementary medicine is used together with conventional medicine.

With the growing interest in holistic medicine, there has become an increasing number of practicing holistic physicians and health care providers who have increasingly put into practice some of these sought-after ideals. Many people are now turning to holistic medicine, often when suffering from chronic ailments that have not been successfully treated by allopathic means. Many people who try holistic therapies focus on one area of their health only, often detoxification and nutrition.