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Pallet racking is used in most warehouses to hold stock that varies in size and type. As such, the structures are designed to be robust and durable. But what happens to the storage solutions once they reach the end of their warehouse lives? Are there any alternative uses for the wood?

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Let Your Design and Creativity Skills Run Wild

DIYers are finding a range of new uses for old pallet racking, and this is evident when you look on sites like Pinterest. Some great upcycling ideas involve creating furniture or furnishings for the home: bed frames, headboards, cladding, floorboards, sofas, tables, shelves, and much more. One of the great advantages of used pallet racking is its rustic appearance, which is currently a very popular look when it comes to interior design. If shabby-chic decor isn’t your thing, however, you can always sand down and paint the wood to create a sleeker and more modern finished effect.

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Create Practical Storage or Living Space

Pallet racking is also being used by some to build additional floor space, whether it be in the form of a mezzanine, a DIY loft or an outdoor decking space. For example, owners of small homes are often keen to find space-saving hacks to increase storage and living space, and elevated surfaces can offer them the chance to really optimise what space they have. Just think: if you have a reasonable-sized house but lack rooms for an office space, you could create a cosy and comfortable working environment that overlooks your living area. Or if you are in desperate need of some extra hanging space in your bedroom, you could build a bed frame that lifts your bed off the ground and opens up functional floor space where you can hang or fold your wardrobe items.

Where to Get Your Hands on Used Pallets?

If you’re near Dublin, take a look at suppliers such as These kinds of companies specialise in storage solutions for warehouses but also sell used items at cheaper prices, which might suit DIYers’ needs. Once purchased, you might be in need of some tips on how to treat your wood before attempting a big build. Take a look here –

For further inspiration on DIY projects using pallet racking, just do an internet search – you’ll be overwhelmed by the possibilities!