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Antioxidants protect cells from the damaging effects of free radicals, which are molecules that contain an unshared electron. Therapies within our holistic approach are supported by high-quality evidence and recognized by the National Institutes of Health. Integrative therapies such as holistic nutrition, relaxation techniques, acupuncture, massage, herbs and supplements are blended with the best of medical science and technology. Medicine is but a section of the total picture of health care, highlighting the diagnosis, treatment, and prevention of disease.holistic medicineholistic medicine

Individuality: Integrative holistic physicians expend as much effort in discerning a patient’s uniqueness as they do in establishing what disease may be present. Holistic medicine is based on the theory that arthritis occurs from a variety of factors and in order to get the best outcome it takes an approach that looks at every aspect of your life.

Both outside and inside the medical profession, this concept of medicine of the whole person is gathering increasing support. The AHVMA publishes a peer-reviewed scientific journal, The Journal of the American Holistic Veterinary Medical Association , four times yearly. I am a board certified Family Medicine practitioner and have had an excellent public education my whole life. Traditional medicine frequently uses a diagnosis to define your condition and prescribes medication to decrease your symptoms.

Here comes the Holistic way of treatment and principles of behavioral sciences. For your convenience, a number of our complementary medical services have been brought together at our Integrative Medicine Center at the Gundersen Onalaska Clinic. Because of the emotional and physical toll cancer and its treatment takes, many people are turning to complementary and alternative medicine (CAM) therapies to provide relief and increase their sense of well-being. Available at Gundersen Viroqua Clinic and the Gundersen Integrative Medicine Center.

Staff at our Integrative Medicine Center can talk to you about essential oils and what may work best for you. Don’t like the natural healers either – seems like witch doctors relabeled for our culture. Omana Natural Wellness Center & Spa is a premier assembly of united members devoted to educate, prevent and treat health issues utilizing a holistic approach as an alternative medical system. Only about 5{5fe5f2f17800734695cbeb4a5db11ebcbc0e62d9979cef0421ac2abc0e79ab9f} of the thousands of drugs (called modern medicine) has some beneficial effect on the human body. Without the original nonscientific practices and theories, osteopathic medicine is now considered the same as biomedicine.holistic medicine