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When I went to medical school, I noticed that most of the pathology’s cause are unknown” and the cure is incurable”, yet they give plenty information in statistics about a response to different pharmacological drugs, their side effects, and their prognosis. It is important to note that, even though you may experience fewer side effects with holistic medicine, you don’t choose to forgo traditional medicine, but add holistic practices to it. Additional research is anticipated to continue to confirm that integrative health and medicine support the triple aim to improve the experience of care, to improve the health of populations, and to reduce the per capita costs of health care. Massage therapy, acupuncture, chiropractic care plus family medicine – all in one convenient location.holistic medicine

Knowing that medicinal plants are so effective, that these plants potentially hold the key to many diseases, are inexpensive and have proven their worth time and time again over millennia, why is it that herbal medicine is still not in the forefront of medical treatments, and is considered by many orthodox medical professionals and pharmaceutical companies as hocus-pocus.. hmmm.

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Acupuncture is more than a component of Functional Medicine it’s a powerful traditional method of correcting longstanding chronic health issues when administered by a gifted healer. In the same survey, GPs found an holistic view both meaningful and present in their daily work. Integrative Family Medicine accepts all insurance plans that participate with the University of Michigan Health System. Some schools offer a long list of degree and certificates in a number of modalities while others focus specifically on one or two areas of study, such as massage therapy or acupuncture and Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). These connections are actually the base of this Holistic Medicine as multi-dimensional and combined management of the patients fills the bill. This is needed for you to get a valid degree from the school after completion of the training course.

The research also revealed that significant health benefits can be realized by using three strategies: integrative lifestyle change programs for those with chronic illness, integrative interventions for people with depression and integrative prevention strategies for all.holistic medicineholistic medicine