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Ensuring children are safe and comfortable in the place they sleep is crucially important. UK law does not stipulate any bedroom sharing regulations, but there are certain guidelines that can be adhered to. As children mature, providing them with adequate privacy is important in supporting their safety and well-being.

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As children mature, parents and carers should review the sleeping arrangements of children and modify as required. Housing associations insist that children above 10 years of age should not share rooms with children of the opposite sex. This would be a guideline best followed for all children, and further advice can be gained from visiting your local Citizens Advice Bureau.


If the arrangement is for a short time, parents or carers need to decide in advance where everyone will be sleeping. Speaking regularly to children individually allows them to share any concerns they have regarding their sleeping arrangement, providing an opportunity to ensure they understand their right to privacy and maintaining the safety of their body.

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Children Under 16

Parents or legal guardians are responsible for children under 16, although there are circumstances where Children’s Services might place children with foster carers. Foster carers are always fully checked via a CRB Check, which can be easily carried out online at sites such as

Over the Age of 16

Some children are asked to leave by their parents at the age of 16, though remember a child is still a parent’s legal responsibility until the age of 18. The Foyer Federation assists in providing safe housing and support for young people aged 16-25. All adults involved in assisting or providing housing to children and young people will have undergone a full CRB Check to secure the safety of children and young people.

Children in care will be prepared for independence from the age of 16 but they will receive support until the age of 21, to help prepare them for independence.

Providing safe housing and sleeping arrangements for children allows them to live and sleep, whether it be for the short or long term, in a safe, stable and supported environment. Ensuring they have a trusted, reliable adult to speak with helps to avoid any untoward situations and deal with any problems arising in a prompt and effective manner.