by agatha | 13:50

Finding a dentist office in your area isn’t necessarily a tough process. If you want to find an office that will provide you with a much more comprehensive form of dental care, holistic dentistry may be the way to go. Just be careful with this process. Many dentists claim to be holistic, but when you get to your first appointment you realize this isn’t the case. There are some common practices that you will find at all true holistic dental offices. Let’s take a look.

Skip the Flouride

Holistic dentists understand the dangers of using fluoride. Don’t expect to be offered a fluoride treatment at a true holistic dental office. A healthier, non-toxic option will be offered to you. Fluoride has been linked to things like weakened bones, thyroid issues and cancer. It will be recommended that you use toothpastes that do not contain fluoride and skip mouth rinses that contain it as well.

Biocompatible Materials

If you happen to need a filling, a holistic dentist chicago will use materials that are safe for your body. A truly good dentist will test you before the procedure to make sure you don’t have a reaction to the materials they are using. You won’t see something like amalgam being used during procedures in these offices.

Removal of Harmful Fillings

If you have had dental work done at a traditional dentist a number of years ago, your new holistic dentist might recommend that you have the work redone by them. This could include removing toxic amalgam fillings to replace them with something safer.

There are a number of additional treatments and options that you’ll receive from a holistic dentist. Some will offer vitamin C therapy by IV during treatments and procedures. Aftercare options may be very different as well. It isn’t uncommon for infrared or sauna therapy to be used to promote healing. If you find a good holistic dentist chicago, they will work with you to provide you with the dental care that you need and that you feel comfortable with.